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Liv’s Top 9 Health Tips

Liv’s Top 9 Health Tips

1. Why is water so important? Our bodies need water to work properly, each cell and organ depends on water to function. A child’s body consist of around 65% water. Children need more water when it is warm outside and when they are exercising.

2. Why Leafy Greens? They are a “Superfood”, full of concentrated natural nutrition, providing minerals and vitamins. You can enjoy them in a green smoothie, sautéed, cooked or raw. Try Kale, Spinach, Chard, Lettuce, Collards and many more. You will get lots of health benefits out of eating leafy greens.

3. Packaged Food! Every food item in a box/packaging has been processed in a factory, meaning it has LOST important nutrients and has been added chemical ingredients. The packaged items are not food you would find in nature. The added ingredients can cause health issues in various ways.

4. The grocery store! The middle aisles in a supermarket or grocery store keep all packaged food items meaning they have been processed. The outside aisles hold the more natural food items. You want to shop for the food items with the least packaging involved. Fresh, natural and wholesome food is better for your health, heart, brain development, organs, energy and the overall way how you can feel.

5. Is salt good for us? Too much salt can result in minor to major health consequences. It ranges from water weight gain, high blood pressure to heart disease. Unfortunately there is a lot of hidden salt/sodium in our daily diets. Most sodium comes from processed and restaurant foods.

6. Why do we need protein? Everybody needs proteins in our diets for our bodies to perform their basic functions, to build new cells, maintain tissues and build muscle. Great protein sources are meat, fish, nuts/seeds, beans, and eggs. Sometimes when you crave sugar, you might not have enough protein in your system, try a protein snack before a sugar snack.

7. What is emotional eating? People use food to deal with their emotions and feelings and not to satisfy hunger. It could be boredom, stress, anxiety, sadness or anger. Emotional eating can affect of course your health, weight, overall energy level and well-being. Key is to understand when emotional eating happens, to see and understand the cause, and to find other ways to deal with the event causing the emotional distress.

8. Add some movement to your life! Movement keeps you young. It keeps your body and organs functioning properly. Exercising can relief stress and refresh your brain activity. It also helps with digestion, your overall health, weight loss and increasing your energy level. So movement will make you happier!

9. Understanding the ingredient list on food packaging! The first ingredient listed is always the biggest, so if it starts with sugar, the main ingredient is sugar and you want to stay away from it. Stay away from long ingredient lists, that means more and more chemicals have been actually added. And long words in ingredient lists mean nothing healthy rather unhealthy added chemicals.

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